About the Course:

The Level A accreditation course has four key objectives. It is designed to enable delegates to:
  1. Appreciate the differences across a wide range of published ability tests and interest inventories.
  2. Evaluate and select appropriate ability tests for use within their own organisations.
  3. Run professional test administration sessions and effectively interpret and feedback test results.
  4. Become registered as Level 1 qualified test users (with the British Psychological Society).
At the end of the course, successful delegates become eligible for the BPS Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing Level A.

The Level B course will enable delegates to achieve key objectives:
  1. Gain a critical appreciation of personality theories and assessment methods.
  2. Achieve proficiency in administering, interpreting and feeding back the NEO personality profile, including written feedback reports.
  3. Understand how to introduce and apply the NEO in selection, development, counseling and team building situations.
  4. Relate the NEO to competencies.
  5. Employ questionnaires appropriately to ensure organisational benefit.
  6. Become familiar with the latest research findings in personality assessment.
At the end of the course, successful delegates become eligible for the BPS Intermediate Level B qualification.

End-of-Course/Certification Requirements:

This course requires pre-reading and homework for the duration of the course. Participants are required to sit and pass an international multiple-choice exam and to participate actively in the many exercises designed to ensure ethical and professional use of the instrument. .

There is a follow-up work to be completed at the end of the Level B course. .

Course Duration: 2.5 days for Level A & 2.5 days for Level B.
Course Entry Requirements: None.

** Please note: Level A & Level B are run as a combined course. Although you can undertake Level B at a later point after Level A, it is recommended that both are done at the same time.