You may be about to deliver training for your organization. That's great - you're likely to have a good knowledge of the training topic, your organization's priorities and people's expectations and needs. However, you may want to develop your training skills so that you can deliver a really effective training program.

This lively and interactive course will help you develop and hone the skills needed to deliver effective training. We will show you how to plan, prepare and deliver training, encourage enthusiasm and gain commitment from delegates.

We will provide proven methods for dealing with common problems, such as negative, rowdy or unresponsive delegates. We will also help you train in a way that appeals to all your delegates and show you how to measure the effectiveness of training.

The course is suitable for those who are new to training, those with a little experience of training and people who have been training for years, but may not have had any formal train the trainer training.

ILM Accredited

This workshop is approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management. The ILM are the largest UK provider of management awards and qualifications. On attending the course delegates can receive an ILM Certificate.

Course Overview

Delegates on our Train the Trainer course will learn:

  • How to define objectives that meet both business and trainee needs.
  • How to plan and design training to gain the trainee's commitment and enthusiasm - Even reluctant trainees!
  • How to recognize the different psychological and sensory learning styles of trainees.
  • How to adapt training to meet ALL of these styles
  • How to deal with challenging trainees and resistance to training.
  • How to deal with trainee concerns about training.
  • The pro's and con's of different training methods.
  • How to ensure training is interactive and participative - And not simply a presentation.
  • How, why and when to adopt a facilitative or directive training style.
  • How to ensure and check that training:
    • is really effective
    • that objectives have been met
    • that real learning has occurred
  • What to do before and after training to ensure the best possible outcome for the business and trainees