Dina Faidi, founder of Creativity & Beyond, specializes in assisting and guiding organizations to improve profitability through the integration of creativity and innovation into their business and corporate environment, thus building a truly innovative organization. She is committed to developing and supporting corporations, educational institutions and individuals in their efforts to achieve ongoing success by adopting concepts and methodologies of business gurus such as Dr. Edward de Bono, founder of the 'Lateral Thinking' concept as well as 'Mind Mapping' Guru Tony Buzan. Dina is a certified Master Trainer by Dr. Edward de Bono for all his programs including 'Lateral Thinking', 'Six Thinking Hats', 'DATT' (Direct Attention Thinking Tools), and 'FoF' (Focus on Facilitation)' making her one of 20 entrusted certified Master Trainers throughout the world (and the only Arab). Furthermore, Dina is a certified Trainer for Tony Buzan's 'Mental Literacy' concepts and Master Trainer for Bob Urichucks's programs in 'Motivation' and 'Sales'. Additionally, she is a Master NLP Practitioner, which is reflected in most of her training, facilitation and consultancy activities.