A professional L&D expert who specialises in creating and delivering training programmes and projects designed to improve organisational performance, productivity and profitability. John's career has developed over the past 25 years in Blue Chip organisations, which placed L&D at the heart of their businesses.

His style is relaxed and friendly and his programmes are highly interactive and engaging, always ensuring that the learner's needs are at the top of the agenda. Being highly creative and innovative has enabled him to go beyond the normal approach to training and more importantly learning (he does not do 'death by PowerPoint), and develop solutions that deliver results. Believing that "learning is what you are left with after you have forgotten what you have been taught", has ensured he is always mindful that attending a training course is only the start of a learning experience and therefore needs to have impact, be though provoking and more importantly the start of a journey that the learner wants to take part in.

His areas of specialisation include: organisational change, leadership and management development, business performance coaching, productivity and process improvement, team development, business culture, behavioural and competence development, business start ups. Throughout the delivery of theses programmes the goals are always: 'where are we now? where do we need to be? what do we need to do to get there? do it'.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Masters Degree in Strategic Human Resource Development and deliverer of programmes both in the UK and Internationally.