Discover new frontiers for your business

Based on the international bestseller, Blue Ocean Strategy, written by INSEAD professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, the two-day Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) workshop hosted by Leading Minds will take businesses on a journey where both markets and profits are yet to be discovered. This innovative approach to business has taken the world by storm and follows a specific mantra: operating a successful enterprise is not about competing; it's about creating new markets – blue oceans – thereby, making the competition irrelevant.

By shifting from the accepted norm of focusing on supply to concentrating on demand, the BOS teaches you how to reconstruct existing boundaries and overcome industry paradigms that generally govern management practices. The workshop also highlights ways in which to overcome limitations and structures that normally hinder businesses from identifying ways to create new demand, which includes customers not currently being served by your industry that could ultimately become fresh clientele. Techniques on how to convert noncustomers into customers by looking beyond your existing customer base are provided to ensure that demand is capitalized on to the fullest.

Similarly, the BOS informs how to avoid over-capitalization in your industry, which includes investing in products, services or delivery systems that do not add value to your business. The workshop helps identify such areas so that they are removed from your operations, resulting in an effective cost saving measure, which ultimately is the bottom line in a successfully run business.

Benefitting from the BOS workshop

The workshop is targeted at CEOs, COOs, directors and managers as well as SMEs and companies – those struggling in red oceans and looking to discover blue oceans, those lacking commercial opportunities and those wanting to train a BOS team.


International companies around the globe as well as expert business analysts have all attested to the success of the BOS. Below are quotes from only but a few of the world's leading business publications:

"Examples of successful blue ocean companies, from Cirque du Soleil to Australian winery Casella Wines, help make it clear how well these techniques work and how they can be implemented in almost any industry." BizEd, UK

"Blue Ocean Strategy must give rise to discussion in management committees and boards of directors. Put it on your table as a reminder and as a provocation." Børsen, Denmark

"Blue Ocean Strategy challenges everything you thought you knew about strategy."Business Strategy Review, UK

"It is a precise, actionable plan for changing the way companies do business with one resounding piece of advice: swim for open waters." Publishers Weekly, USA